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tv   MSNBC Live With Steve Kornacki  MSNBC  November 25, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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including worsening of symptoms. serious allergic reactions can occur. now's your chance at completely clear skin. just ask your doctor about taltz. . and that does it for me this hour. my colleague richard louie. >> thanks for that. have a great weekend yourself. just joining us, live at msnbc headquarters in new york. this hour for you, trump in transition. the president-elect spending this weekend at his resort working to build his white house team. we got new names to share with you that have been added to the trump team. just hours ago. amid reports of fighting with his inner circle about who should be secretary of state. a former foe or long time loyalist. what about trump's cabinet picks so far? what do they tell us about the
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next four years? we will take at that indepth. wheeling and dealing, retailers dangling hefty discounts in stores and online to win your black friday business. what are shoppers doing at the mall of america? we will start the hour for you on a friday about president-elect trump. as mentioned at his resort in florida, hard at work naming two key staff members with an initial telling kathy kt farland is deputy security adviser anding as trump's campaign lawyer and advising t transition. you said we should expect something today and we got it. >> a jones day lawyer and donald trump's lawyer will serve as
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that. they are not unsurprising or traditional picks, but not totally untraditional either. as i said, he worked as jones day and was also the counsellor and served years for the nrcc. and the chairman of the fec. he is going to have a big job in the white house. trump is coming into office with unprecedented potential conflicts of interest. his organization poses a lot of could be problems around the world as he has businesses in i think over 118 countries or 118 businesses in 26 or 27 countries. >> a lot of numbers. >> a lot of numbers and places with sensitive foreign ties and national security ties. sensitive diplomatic relations and issues that could pose problems down the line.
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bring up questions about how donald trump is behaving. whether it is in the national interest or in the interests of one of his organizations. trying to give donald trump the best advice he can have to separate himself from the business and close those questions. that is a gig job and the line between trump and his business has been blurry. the deputy national security adviser is a frequent face on fox news. donald trump knew her from the least at that. the viewers might know her. she served in the nixon, fort, and reagan administration and is a speech writer. she has been highly critical. he hasn't recognized the threat of islamic terror and refusing
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to acknowledge it. fun fact about her in 2006. she was in the gop primary trying to get the gop nomination for senate to run against them. none other than hillary clinton. she did not make it to the primary. one of the reasons is she was accused of overinflating her resume. she has been tapped as deputy national security adviser and will be serving under michael flynn. not so non-traditional. >> they are dng a lot behind the scenes, but not expecting announcements until next week. he will be back here in new york come monday. >> two more big names. watching that us. thank you very much. donald trump seizing on one of his biggest campaign promises, tweeting that he is making progress and persuading carrier
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air conditioner company to keep production and not move thousands of jobs to mexico. let's go to ron insana. this was what you saw throughout the election. carrier air conditioning and moving jobs. what's happening now? >> united technologies which is a large multinational company may be giving an early concession to the incoming president. it's not that difficult to do. there is a huge wage gap between the jobs in indiana and what they would have paid in mexico and it's 1400 jobs. within the scope of the technologies, this might be a minor concession not to be on the wrong side of the president-elect. >> he has not been shy of calling out individuals or organizations and it might be to his strategy moving forward. the shame game. we will see if policy matches his approach.
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auto parts around the world and it's a complex process and getting them to move back to the united states. as if this were 1955. that can't happen from an economic perspective. >> the united states not leading in manufacturing, but we are a close second. >> even though employment has come down. we are presumably outsourced and over the course of many decades. it's true that u.s. manufacturers while not having the biggest propone ept as they did are still quite competitive and more so than they were five or ten years ago. more competitive than they are
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or were with china a couple of years ago. we are not not making things any more than the president-elect has said. we are a strong manufacturer. wilbur ross is related to this topic certainly. he being a billionaire. we look at the manufacturing balance that you have been talking about, what does wilbur ross mean to that? the job is one of promoting business at home and overseas. he leans towards a free trade bias, if you will. the real issues is donald trump gets the majority of what he wants when it comes to trade and
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modest changes to nafta. or other things he said. >> talk big numbers. the tax plan could add a lot ofs to the national debt. >> $5.9 trillion over ten years and that comes without offsets. if a president trump were to agree with a house speaker ryan on entitlement we form, you might get deficit savings if paul ryan's plan will go through. you get large tax cuts and you bank savings and that could be a trade done down the road. >> why are we hitting records? >> big tax cuts and deregulation and infrastructure.
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they will try pro growth. they focus on domestic activity and we had what is being called the trump bump over the last several weeks. >> we love the santa claus rally and the santa claus effect and everything else. >> we will put it together in the nice pu reit. >> as the political world waits for trump's next move, all eyes are on secretary of state. former rival mitt romney. recent reports suggest there may be a divide over who should get the job? joining us now from washington, the "new york times" reporter jeremy peters. what are you hearing right now in terms of who is moving forward or looks to be ahead and who is on each side of the respective teams? >> it's a divided place over whom to choose as secretary of
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state. you have the candidate that trump is very personally attached to someone who has been loyal to trump and somebody whom the republican base and he stuck his neck out for trump early on when the republican party was walking away from them. they are a little more central casting. donald trump said he thinks that mitt romney looks the part of secretary of state. he also is somebody with ties to the republican party's establishment and somebody who could help build more trust with the people who are still skeptical that he will be an effective thoughtful leader. i wouldn't rule out the possibility of a 30 choice, john
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kelly who was the commander of the southern command, one of the highest ranking positions has seen stock rise in trump's inner circle over the last week. given how holearizing they are, a third choice is not at all off the stable. >> if you can, the two sides that are out there right now. kellyanne conway as you know tweeted that she had received a deluge of concern from people warning against picking romney right now. bannon seems to be on her side if that were to be a negative or critical tweet. . >> in the anti-romney camp, you have the kellyanne conways who are saying look, romney was never loyal to you. he was in fact hostile to you
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and if he becomes secretary of state, you have the possibility that there will be a roguentity. there would be leaks possibly and any time the administration would be at odds. it would look like the administration does not have it together. on the pro romney side, you have people like mike pence who are worried what a giuliani pick would do. giuliani would face a very tgh confirmation battle in the senate and it could be one of the messy tenthicles that end up wounding and tarnishing the honeymooned it. not that there is expected to be one of them. not that that is weighing on the minds of them. >> do we think it would come
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down to them? >> i would not expect it to come down any time soon. >> next week at the earliest. this is taking a lot of time and a lot to sort through. >> a lo lot of arguments to be made. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> next, bricks versus clicks. mom and pop working to fight off competition with steals on line, but are shoppers cashing in this black friday?
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it's a black friday bonanza. amazon's online sales exceeded the take on thanksgiving and cyber monday combined. in all malls and shopping centers, bargain hunters are out in full force trying to grab the deals. the team of reporters are in place as retailers lure them
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with major steals. let's begin in jersey city where we find joe. hey, joe. >> richard, black friday is officially under way and shoppers are out in full force. 137 million americans are expected to shop this holiday weekend. a lot of money will be spent. to break down the foot traffic and online traffic, we are joined by sarah skirt ball from retail me now. what do you think this means for the broader economy. >> absolutely. historically what we have been hearing and seeing on black friday proper in the malls is that sales have been going down. i think sales might be up, but we have to wait and see. >> this holiday season is all about electronics and spending
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is supposed to increase. >> due to the fact that they have been the name of the game and what everyone wants. new tablets and computers and those are just more expensive than typical gloves and mittens. >> if you decided you will not shop on black friday, do you have an opportunity to buy online? >> that's the thing. the trend is that cyber monday shopping days, it's not one particular day. you will see deals on lyon and in stores. to answer your question, a little more you will see deals on line as you will in stores. >> i want to give you the record breaking numbers here in store and online. the numbers from target and wall
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mart. >> thank you very much for that report and we take you to the rest of the mall of america. is it the same sort of injury? >> totally. i have been here since 5:00 in the morning. it seems like it got more packed. black friday is the biggest shopping day of the weekend and we are seeing early numbers. $490 million spent online as of 8:30 this morning. they closed yesterday for the first time to generate that excitement. the anticipation. here today you spent more than $250. we are creating the moors and the hammond family.
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>> we have been black friday shopping for at least 10 or 15 years and they used to take us shopping. the week before you get the coupon papers and the black friday sales ads that you make your list and where you are going. you map it out the night of thanksgiving. the coupons are in your purse and the sale books are in your purse. you eat, take a nap, get up from the nap and go shopping. stay up until the first round is completely done and then you go home and you eat some food and take a nap and come back out for the rest of the afternoon. >> i'm already exhausted. she is here with her family. what are you looking to get today? >> clothes and food. >> you are smart. >> what are you looking for? >> nike. >> the millennial shopper.
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we have so many men waiting for the ladies, but not this man. what is your strategy? >> go get it. 137 million people expected to shop today. if they are as smart, they are getting good deals. >> i want to hire donna. she has a job. it's 30 degrees there and i would be in the mall at the mall of america. thank you so much. next, fake news and your vote. more on the new report shedding light on the strategy to influence the election. your annual check-up. now with one touch using the mycigna app you can find a doctor in your plan's network to save money. need to be thorough.
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may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. now's the time for a better moment of proof. ask your doctor about victoza®. only one way that mitt romney could be considered and that is if he goes to a microphone and reputdiates
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everything he said and he said donald trump wasn't fit and lacked character. >> mike huckabee on fox news. the rumors that mitt romney was a finalist for secretary of state. fox news reporting that apology may soon be on the way playing out in public in an extraordinary way. the other rumored contender, mayor rudy giuliani in a "wall street journal" article claiming i probably have traveled in the last 13 years as much as hillary did in the years that she was secretary of state. my knowledge of foreign policies as good or better than anybody they are talking to. >> this is the this is the senior editor with the bush economic speech writer and will that work with him coming forward and declaring and repudiating that which he said before? >> i'm hearing a lot of things and i'm questioning how many of
1:26 pm
them are true and originate with mitt romney himself. his book is titled no apology. i find it hard to believe one will be forth coming on a speech he considered so carefully and spoke so powerfully and was exactly true. i don't know how mitt romney would apologize and donald trump needs mitt romney a lot more than they had successful careers and needs another job. he doesn't need the paycheck or the exposure. nor does he need the political platform. as things become more difficult for donald trump in the years ahead, republicans who set their face against them will have an important role. donald trump needs mitt romney and above all to deal with this cloud of suspicion about the connection between his admission station and russian espionage. >> making russia's geopolitical
1:27 pm
foe and a new report in "the washington post" saying that russians were actively promoting here in this case anti-clinton fake news stories in social media. from your reporting and your sources, is that consistent? >> if you needed "the washington post" story to tell you what russia has been doing, i wonder -- i hope you enjoyed your nice long nap through the last year of politics. this was well attested at every step of the way and the use of warfare and disinformation of this kind is not a novelty. they would dare do it against the united states. through the countries in europe and the czech republic and the brexit referendum, you can see active measures and linked back to russia and of course that was going on here. >> in the article and we get
1:28 pm
your perspective, russia's michael mcfall said said they appeal to cynicism and a trump victory might have been the result of that campaign. >> it's possible that the russians overdid it. they hoped to create a shadow of doubt about the clinton presidency. they got a result that is too destabilizing even for them. it is true that the point of this disinformation they do is not to get you to believe the stories. many of them are deliberately incredible and they want to teach you not to believe anything. if you live had a world in which you think everyone lies and everyone steals, that benefits most the biggest liars and thieves. who is the biggest liar and if not vladimir putin. he wants you to think there is no better alternative than what is imposed on russia and the
1:29 pm
imitators are developing through europe and we hope not in the united states. >> there have been so many different headlines. >> thank you. >> a look at the other stories we are keeping an eye on this hour at msnbc and a u.s. service member died in combat in syria. the name isot released, but he died from an ied blast. they are looking into prosecuting the killing of a black teen as a hate crime. he was killed by a 62-year-old white man after the teen bumped into him as an intersection. he showed no reforce. america mourning after the loss of florence henderson. she died from heart failure last night in los angeles with her family by her side. florence henderson was 82 years old. ♪
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>> the eighth and final tree for them to decorate at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. president obama's nephews who helped him pardon two turkeys on wednesday, helping their aunt, first lady michelle obama to welcome the tree to america's most famous house today. one of the biggest threats they will need to address and that cyber security, what one call cavalier remarks, many wonder if donald trump understands the severity of the threat. what he called on hackers to find the missing e-mails.
1:34 pm
something top officials say from the evidence is clear. >> is donald trump a techinologist? >> not at all. this is why it has been such a challenge to get han around on the political front. >> from 1 to 10, 10 being if you will geek in a positive way, what would you say he is? >> probably a two or three. the average user. >> you need to go to silicon valley and pull in the review team, the idea of silicon valley to put together good strategy.
1:35 pm
that connects now. cyber security connects in the intelligence. they can have the kinetic effects. with that -- >> explain that to those of us who are not familiar. one site that was hitting it all is a kinetic issue.
1:36 pm
from so many experts in the area, it's upsetting. >> connect the lost sleep with the reality. was that october outage just a simple test by the hackers. it's groups and groups and groups. they constantly form. if you think about hacker, it is so complicated and goes from the nation state type. that was part of the video game company. how are you doing it? it's good that he is doing a cyber review team and putting all of that together.
1:37 pm
donald trump is not a techinologist and if he can keep the old guard there that has been dealing with the security stuff. >> the author of the book cognitive hacks as we can spend billions of dollars. influential hacking and everything is moved to changing. like wikileaks. it is designed for influence. that's the kinetic effect. whether it has an effect on our election down to like someone's
1:38 pm
e-mail. one of the things that comes up often and politics and international security and fortune 500 and corner offices, the word that comes up is something you are an expert in. that is cyber security. is fortune 500 businesses thes to get it done. >> they have been in it a while and they are mature. you take a big bank and they have full intelligence operations a& they have spent time working in an agile environment. we are in the world of castles and gunpowder came out. we are trying to go gunpowder is here. our castles of falling down.
1:39 pm
they will appropriate the expertise. we will provide the solutions of the past and if not already one of the big ones. really great stuff. >> thank you. >> the picks keep coming. donald trump choosing this deputy and white house council, this happening today. a look at the team he is trying to assemble and what it says about the next four years. simulation initiated. ♪ ♪
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reporting again that desire for a recount in wisconsin from jill stein. jill stein, the green party presidential nominee who has been raising money to consider and now it appears based on this tweet to request a recount there in wisconsin. other states related to that, michigan, pennsylvania. she raised over $5 million and much of that happening in the last two days after energy and requests and she coming to microphones like this. saying they would like to do so. i want to bring in gop strategists and white house aide to george h.w. bush and senior adviser and spokes person for careen, we are just getting this information in and you have been watching the numbers like we have been in terms of fund-raisi
1:44 pm
fund-raising. when were they going to go forward and hit all three states. six or $7 million. what do you make of this report coming from the wisconsin elections commission? >> not too surprising because i believe there is a deadline today if i have that right to really get moving with this recount. look, i mean the first 24 hours, she raised $2 million to get this effort under way. one thing that if there is anything we learned about this election cycle is that this was the most divicive election that we have seen at least in my lifetime. you have a president-elect who won the electoral college and got to the path of 270 which is how you become president, but clearly lost the popular vote by two million plus votes. this is not surprising that there is so much energy behind this, but i want to say that i
1:45 pm
think it is good for the democracy to move forward with this. i know it's not going to change the ought come of the election, but why not give confidence to the american people with our voting system. >> building on what she is saying, democrats have not come out for the most part saying this is what they want when you think about the clinton campaign. they are not requesting this at any level, but jill stein and her group want to move forward. is this good for the process? careen is saying let's do this and make sure everyone feels good about the out come. >> every american has the right to file petitions and certainly jill stein is within her right to do that. for the clinton campaign, it was a hard fought campaign and a tough campaign, but i think they have some sense of closure and
1:46 pm
they are not behind this. for jill stein, she may wish to know with the recount, but it's not going to change anything. i think the hard work of uniting the country is really ahead of us. the burden that the new trump administration will carry e uniting the nation and reaching out to the people and the many millions of americans who did not vote for him is what he needs to do. there are other contested elections, but we are at a point where we really are best benefitted by moving forward. >> we are reporting just coming in and saying they received the stein and dell lafuente petitions. i want to move on to the namings of two key staff members to the trump ads mip station.
1:47 pm
fox news and a well-known name. along with retired lieutenant michael flynn. we also have in the news today, commissioner don mccann who will serve as white house council. good choices? moderate choices? are these more criticism. >> with the mc farland pick, she is a loyalist for donald trump, but something more interesting with her is that unlike many of his picks, she has experience as worked under three presidential administrations and she is a woman. i have to say while she does not need to be senate confirmed or anything like that, she may have one of the most important jobs because of the person she will be reporting to.
1:48 pm
as you mentioned it's mike flynn who it has been reported that people have been consider concerned and poke folks were concerned with his managerial style and he was let go in 2014 and called a hot head. there are reports of folks in the trump transition who are concerned about does he have the ability to be a diplomat. this will be a role to watch and keep an eye on. you worked with george h.w. bush and this is not a new name to you. what does she mean to the trump administration? they know what it's like to work in the administrations and working in the white house with
1:49 pm
general flynn. in the west wing, right in the west wing with the president, a lot of the staffers are in the old office building. she won't be too far away. she brings a lot of experience to the table. >> have a good friday. >> thanks so much. >> in case you didn't know, it's adoption awareness month. now under law, some people who have called this country home for most of their life are being forced out. legally. we will take a look at why it's happening and what can be done. ♪ ♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast?
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any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california. he wears his army hat, he gets awalks aroundliments. with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. the holidays are about a gift that is not in stores. if it weren't for adoption, they wouldn't have a family to
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celebrate the holidays with. some 80 million american families considered adopting a child. as we celebrate, some adoptees are being sent to their origin countries and at least this month. i want to bring in dan matthews, an adoptee himself. before we get to adoptee deportations, tell us about your story and how you went back to your birth country to meet your parents as well as twin brother. >> yeah. thank you so much for having me. i had an amazing opportunity about three years ago and met my biological family and found out i had an identical twin brother i never knew about. we made a documentary and i'm really grateful to say i am still in touch with them and we have a nice relationship. my mom is actually able to go back with me and meet my biological mom. >> you have a twin brother. >> i did, yeah.
1:54 pm
we are surprisingly aalike. it's amazing to see. >> the story i was leading off with is adoptees that don't have papers completed and they are not u.s. citizens. is a doctor from south korea as you were and live as an american and went to school in america and got married and had children here and at age 41, he was sent back to south korea. how common is this center? >> more common than you would think. upwards of hundreds of thousands of adoptees in a similar situation. it's awful. i can't imagine what i would do and to be honest, it's not something you think about. am i a citizen of the united states when you are adopted. >> 45,000 individuals are like adam. what can they do if they want to check? >> if they want to get more involved, there is an act going around called the adoptees
1:55 pm
citizenship act and they were over the age of 18 when the child citizenship act went into place that granted citizenship and they should check that out. you know, there has to be resources to check out, but i had no idea it was a thing. i'm a citizen, but a lot of people should check. >> you grew up in the midwest and now in los angeles and talked with fellow adoptees and that's wildly popular and asian american's documentary. what's the one thing we should all remember? >> the one thing we should keep in our minds for national adoption month is think about the families and who you are with and realizing that 23578ly is fluid. family is not necessarily just flood, but friends and people and relatives and people to take
1:56 pm
care of you. i'm lucky that i have a wonderful family and my mom is supportive of everything i have done. >> dan matthews for national adoption month, an adoptee and a spokesperson on this issue. thank you so much. you can learn more about dan's story by the way and of other adoptees in his nbc documentary. aka seoul. we'll be right back. for the holidays. before his mom earned 1% cash back everywhere, every time. [ dinosaur growls ] and his dad earned 2% back at grocery stores and wholesale clubs. yeah! even before they earned 3% back on gas. danny's parents used their bankamericard cash rewards credit card to give him the best day ever. that's the joy of rewarding connections. learn more at
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help cover what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. that does it for this hour. richard lui in new york. my colleague joy picks it up for now. >> did you enjoy your food and fixings? >> i ate way too much. i want to take a nap. >> wake up out of your food comas. that's worth waking up for. don will be trump a white house council. a former chairman of the former election and trump's campaign
2:00 pm
lawyer. katie mcfarland will be security adviser under mike flynn and served in the administration and an to henry kissinger and contributor for fox news. there will be no further announcements until next week. dr. ben carson is mulling over an offer of housing and urban development. having no experience in that particular area. she was said to be naming wilbur ross as secretary. strategist and white house aide, national republican consultant and south carolina chair. mark thompson and host of make it plain. and molly hooper for the look how many people came out on the day after a holiday. clearly you didn't eat enough


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